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Lashing Kit Large LSK02

Order Code: C90771  

Product Range CBK13 � Cradle Bracket 13 inch Galvanised TK12 � T&K Bracket 12inch Galvanised TK12/P � T&K Bracket 12 inch painted TK18 � T&K Bracket 18inch galvanised TK18/P � T&K Bracket 18 inch painted TK24 � T&K Bracket 24inch Galvanised TK24/P � T&K Bracket 24 inch painted TK36 � T&K bracket 36 inch galvanised WBK12 � Wall Bracket 12 inch Galvanised WBK12-18 � Wall Bracket 12 inch x 18inch Galvanised WBK12-18/P � Wall Bracket 12 inch x 18 inch Painted WBK12/P � Wall Bracket 12 inch Painted WBK6 � Wall Bracket 6 inch Galvanised WBK6/P � Wall Bracket 6 inch painted WBK6-9 � Wall Bracket 6 inch x 9 inch Galvanised WBK6-9/P � Wall Bracket 6-9 inch painted WBK9 � Wall Bracket 9inch Galvanised SMALLV � Small V Bolt MAST8 � 8ft x 1.5inch 16g Aluminium Mast MAST6/18G � 6ft x 1.25inch 18g Aluminium Mast CBK13/P � Cradle Bracket 13 inch painted CBK8 � Cradle Bracket 8 inch Galvanised CBK8/P � Cradle Bracket 8 inch painted CPB6 � Galvanised Pressed Chimney Bracket CBW6 � Chimney Bracket 6 inch Galvanised CBW6/P � Chimney Bracket 6 inch painted EM3 � 3 ft Loft / Eaves Arm EM4R � Loft Mounting Arm EMB � Eaves Bracket LARGEV � Large V Bolt LSK01 � Small Lashing Kit LSK02 � Large Lashing Kit MAST10 � 10ft x 1.5inch 16g Aluminium Mast MAST12 � 12ft x 2inch 16g Aluminium Mast MAST16- 16ft x 2inch 14g Aluminium Mast MAST6 � 6ft x 1.25inch 16g Aluminium Mast WBK9/P � Wall Bracket 9 inch painted Product Description Quality accessories for mounting aerials and dishes Sturdy welded brackets with galvanised or powder coated finish = Sizes from 6? to 36? wall and chimney mounts Aluminium masts from 6' to 16' Fascia brackets for wall or loft mounting Powder coated brackets add �P� to part number

This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.

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  V Bolt 2.5" (60mm)
  Cradle Bracket 8" Galv
  Lashing Bracket 6" Galv
  Cradle Bracket 8" Stack Strap
  Cradle Bracket 13" Galv