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Aerial Log Standard Prewired
28 Element Ch21-60 F Connector

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Order Code: C71646  

- Flat 8.5dBd (10.65dBi) ± 1.5dB gain (V10-28L)
- European Patent EP2549587 Stub-Tuning
- High out-of-band rejection with negative gain
- For weak, medium and strong signal areas with high directivity
- Lightweight, low wind load design

This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.

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  Clip 7mm Black Unifix
  Wall Bracket 9" x 9" Galv
  Roman Nose Terracotta/Brown
  Masthead 4 Way 20dB LTE2160
  Pole 1.25 x 6ft Alum 16G