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F Plug Crimp 100 Vision
Use tool V18-203. Bag of 100

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Order Code: A95483  

VISION V17-100
A high quality F plug from Vision.
- Thick wall crimp journal for high strength and reliable connection.
- Should be fitted with a 0.368" crimping tool.
- For "100" size coax cable such as WF100, WC100 and CT100.
- Bag of 100 plugs.

This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.

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  Crimper F Connector Vision

  Pole 1.25 x 6ft Alum 16G
  Roman Nose Terracotta/Brown
  Terminator 75 Ohm F Brass Vis
  V Bolt 1.75" (40mm)
  F Female to TV Coax Female