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Fibre Optic IRS LNB, ODU32 Kit
Wholeband/N Cable Triax

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Order Code: C84464  

TRIAX 307614
Triax TOU232-Kit.

The Triax TOU232 is a one satellite optical Ku-Band LNB that provides a 1310 nm and 1550nm wideband optical output where all four satellite polarities and a TER signal (DAB/DTT/FM) are stacked into one frequency range (950-5450 MHz) for distribution through one single fibre optical cable. Provides a Link Budget equivalent to 2x32 = 64 ways of splitting.

Fibre optical output is via an FC/PC connector. Power is applied via an F-connector. Unit is supplied with a seperate (in-door) PSU with an F-connector output.

This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.

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