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Order Code: C79976  

Optima IR DA's are designed to easily distribute in a domestic environment and pass IR commends back to the UHF input for a Sky satellite reciever with an active return path. Each output has high gain for long cable runs and a level control to avoid overload. Each output also powers at 9v DC a Visionlink or similar IR "eye" at maximum 15mA with overload and short circuit protection.
- High quality fully screened amplifiers with F connectors
- High gain / high output, ideal for digital TV
- Input filtered to minimise 4G-800 LTE interference
- IR Visionlink compatible with Sky satellite recievers
- IR powering and short-circuit protection on each individual output
- Level control for optimum performance
- SMD technology for high reliability
- Built-in mains power suply with UK plug

This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.

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  Aerial 15 21-48 OPTIMA Y15K
  Aerial Log Pre-Wired Optima 20
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