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Fibre Optic LNB Univ inc PSU
MKI 12v 0.5A

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Order Code: C38326  

An optical LNB.
- Receives signals from a standard offset satellite dish.
- Part of the Fibre MDU system from Global Invacom.
- High performance technology making fibre optics an affordable yet practical alternative to coax in IF systems.
- Radically changes how satellite IF signals are dealt with.
- The innovative new design stacks both the horizontal and vertical polarities then modulates this extented frequency, optically, using a laser within the LNB.

This product is RoHS compliant unless otherwise shown.

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  Clip 7mm Black Unifix
  Pattress Single Plastic 32mm
  Earth Connector Vision
  Splitter 2 Way 5-2400MHz
  Splitter 3 Way 5-2400MHz